The DIY “Magic Bullet” Blender

Most blenders are compatible with jars, making it possible to blend your smoothies, dressings, and sauces right in the jar you store it in! Jar tricks by Deconstruction Crafts
So this is one of two DIY “bullet” related hacks I’d like to share with you. There’s the Magic Bullet Blender, and the Silver Bullet Vibrator. Stay tuned, they are both totally changing my life!

For your viewing pleasure, this is the incredible, magical, wizard-like appliance that does anything you want for 10 seconds or less!! Also, let me introduce my favorite infomercial character: Hazel.

Hey wait, doesn’t that mini chopper, blender, juicer and grinder seem a lot like just a blender with a fully enclosed small top? Maybe because it is! Blender companies have actually been setting us up to be able to do this all along! Most blenders standardized threading around the base of the pitcher, all matching the same threading and size of mason jars since the 1850’s. As this blogger recalls, Just 50 years ago blenders used to come with a jar in the package to encourage using it with the blades.

Why is this so freakin’ cool?

Well, for one, you don’t need to clean the sides of the pitcher every time you make something. You have a smaller surface.

But my major love for this technique is that it means that I can blend my own smoothie in  the very container I bring with me to go. I can make sauces and grind spices, nuts, coffee beans in the container I store it in.  Suddenly I’m using my blender a lot more, and it’s super versatile.

For more uncommon and amazing tricks with mason jars, check out this gallery by PopSci ->

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