Making Lentil Sprouts

Steps on how to use the Sprouting Kit function in the DIY Nut Milk & Sprouting Kit (seen here)

Step 1: Remove cotton bag filled with almonds, and 2/3 cups of lentils, leaving just 1/3 cup of lentils in the jar. Each 1/3 of a cup will yield 3 cups of sprouts. Return the mesh lid and ring and seal the jar.

Step 2: Fill the jar with tap water and drain. Repeat 2 more times.  Look at you, washing your sprouts!

Step 3: Now, fill your jar to the three cups line (24 ounces) with clean tap water. Ensure that all lentils are in the water, not stuck up on the screen, or on the sides above the water. Let it soak for 12-18 hours.  I usually start the process in the evening, and come back to it when I get up in the morning.

Step 4: Flip your jar and strain out all of the water. Set your jar at an angle with the mesh screen down. You want to keep it at an angle so that the remaining water can leave the jar easily via gravity, while there’s still at least 30% of the mesh screen accessing air so that there’s circulation to keep the sprouts aerated. Find a spot that is never in direct sunlight and keep it at that angle to drain and breathe. If you have a dish drying rack, that works well to keep it at the right angle, as does just setting it in a bowl. It’s best if you ensure that the seeds do not fully cover the mesh and block the flow of air.

Step 5: Every 12-24 hours fill your jar with water to rinse and hydrate your lentils, then pour it out and set it for the next 12-24 hours until you soak them again.

Step 6: Day by day you’ll see them grow. You can grow them as long as you’d like, watching the little tails form. Generally, if they’re sprouting leaves, they’re reaching the end of their sprouting days and it’s definitely time to eat them. You can just do first overnight soak and then use them to cook immediately. It’s about your preferences.

Step 7: To store, ensure that there limited or no water left in the jar after a day of draining, and then flip it and keep it in the fridge. This will slow their growing. You should eat them asap, preferably within the next 3 days. They should keep in the fridge for up to 1.5 weeks.

Step 8: Remember to wash your mesh lid well, and dry it VERY well before storing it. This will prolong its life.

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