How to: DIY Wheatgrass in a Jar

Hi there!

This page is under construction, but just to get you the info that you need for your wheatgrass kit, here it goes! (photos coming soon)

Step 1: Unscrew the ring and remove the paper label on the kit. Respin the ring back on the jar, and fill with water, empty it of water, and repeat twice to rinse the seeds.

Step 2: Fill the jar with tap water and make sure that the seeds are all fully submerged. Let it soak for 36-48 hours.

Step 3: Empty the jar of all water and let sit in semi-darkness

Step 4: Starting the following day, fill the jar with water and empty it (watering and rinsing the seeds) once every day. (See step # 5 when the grass starts growing to the height of the screen).

Step 5: When the grass has grown to now touch the screen, move the jar to a partially sunny area (or at least a room with a window).  Remove the screen and carefully turn over. At this point the seeds should be able to stay in the jar and allow you to water and rinse the seeds without a screen to hold them in the jar. If they are falling out, then return the screen until they can hold themselves in. Continue watering and rinsing the seeds until the grass has grown to 7 or 10 inches in height.

Step 6: At 7 or 10 inches, the grass is ready to juice, eat, or cut. Wheatgrass can continue to be happy and healthy for perhaps 3 more days. When you cut it, continue watering and rinsing it daily and it will grow back another 5 inches or so for a second round. Do not cut and grow a third time, as the seeds have by the third time, lost their nutritional zing.

Optional Step 7: Grow more! Find “Hard Red Wheat Berries” at your grocery store. I see them most often in the “bulk” sections next to oats and rice. Those are Wheatgrass seeds!

Bonus: That screen works great with any large mouth mason jar! You can use it to sprout salads and greens like alfalfa, clover, radish, and lentils! See more info here!

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