{ DIY Projects }

If you’re looking for instructions for one of my kits, come over here!

The world of handmade is having a come-back. This is one trend that I’m obviously loving! I’m specifically jazzed about people taking back their consumption needs, and making everyday items for themselves (homesteading), recreating new loved items out of old useless items (upcycling), and the general movement for us to share our collective skills and knowledge.  For too long we’ve come to depend on corporations to mass make convenience items for us so that we can spend our lives poured into our jobs for those very companies.  Little by little we are losing our independence/power and connection to our local communities.  I am a stand that DIY continue to be about making items that follow at least two of these principles:

  1. Is it furthering something or promoting something?
  2. Is it using renewable, low processed, or used materials?
  3. Is it making something more efficient?


Check out my projects/DIY by Deconstruction Crafts

See my collection of Tutorials (which have steps included)

for the brave at heart, these are DIY projects without step by step tutorials

and these are for if you’re on Tumblr…


Learn more about my views on modern day Western crafting trends here.

Image above is by Mass Media Bazaar on Etsy.

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