How to: care for your air plant necklace

This is a temporary page soon to be updated.

Air plants are easy to care for. I’ve made two different versions of the necklace to be watered in two very different ways. Make sure you use the right method below.

Store your necklace in a room near a window but never in direct sunlight. They want sun but expect filtered sun. Their natural habitat is just below the canopy of a tree.

Air plants get their nutrients from the air. This means that you don’t need to do anything but keep it in the open air (not in a box)

Watering (depending on the type of necklace you have):
The key to water these beauties is to not get the chain wet and to let them soak in small amounts of water at regular intervals. Spraying with water will get the chain wet, so please use the method below instead.

If there is a hole on the underside of the pendant (with no chain threaded through it):
-Once a month-
Keeping the chain from the water, place pendant in a cup with 1/2-1 inch high of water (just enough to seep into hole but not reach the threaded chain at the top of pendant). Leave overnight or 8 or so hours, then hang to dry.

If there are only 2 holes in the pendant, both occupied by the necklace chain:
-once a week-
Hole pendant upside down and run the leaves of plant under a running faucet enough to cover as much as possible but not getting the chain wet. Then hang to dry. Droplets should slide down into the base of pendant to water thoroughly.

Finally, to help you see the difference between a healthy and not-healthy plant:


The sick/dying plant on the left is squishy, darker and browner in color. Usually a sign of over-watering. Crispy leaves typically mean either too little water or being burnt from direct sunlight.
The plant on the right is hearty, colorfully green, and has flexible leaves.

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