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{ About }

Deconstruction crafts aims to inspire you to…

Question structures founded in inequality & oppression which depend on disposability.

Rethink your impact, your responsibility, and your perceived reality.

Create change through taking responsibility, being openminded, and acting in your community.

If we rethink what’s not working and refashion what we are committed to, crafting can truly create something.

Deconstruction Crafts is about rethinking and reworking not only objects (upcycling) but reworking our beliefs and limitations about ourselves and the planet. I believe that if we can give up our attachments to the way things are, we can bring in a new paradigm that is founded in love, not fear. Creation needs destruction, no matter if you are digging up a plant to create a meal, going through a breakup and finding yourself in the process, taking apart a broken bookcase to make a garden bed, or that a loved one is incarcerated and you start a movement. I believe that in order to create something, we must first be ready to deconstruct our reality.

Deconstruction Crafts is the intersection of social uprising, homesteading and self-empowered/informed options for living, creating transformational new visions and accessible and sustainable beauty.  I stand for crafting to truly create something.

4 thoughts on “{ About }

  1. Hello
    I nominate YOU for the Liebster Award! Congratulations!!

    It means I enjoy reading your blog and you have under 200 followers and someone nominated me so I’m paying it forward! So now the request is that you do the same – answer the following 11 questions, nominate 11 (I only had 8) blogs under 200 followers you like, and relish in the glow of the liebster.

    And the questions tor the nominees are:

    What color makes you feel calm?

    Do you peel an orange or slice it?

    Forest or Ocean?

    What is a good book?

    What profession would you try if you knew you would succeed?

    What do you like on a hotdog?

    What word do you love?

    What word do you not love?

    Do you think the world is ending?

    Do you believe in a higher power and if so what name do you use?

    What is your favorite way to do charity?

  2. I have a question for you and don’t know where the best place to send it would be. Will you do custom engraving in large quantities?

    1. Hi Dar, sorry for my delay in returning you a reply. I definitely do! You can set up a custom order request or start a conversation with me via my etsy store here: deconstructioncrafts.etsy.com (custom order button on the left side)

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