Get That You Matter

Photography by Lupen Grainne. Click image for website.
Photography by Lupen Grainne. Click image for website.

It is my firm belief that what’s in the way of worldwide change-making, is a misunderstanding of our vital importance as individuals.  Each of us has let go of our responsibility, for our impact on the world. If we could all just see how much of a difference we make on the world, already, and how intimately connected we are to all things and all other people… perhaps we would live our lives with more intention and care.

You must admit, that you left a literal footprint in the soil the other day. Your compression of that earth gave just the right amount of necessary pressure for that seedling to sprout up.  You must admit, that the person that you smiled at on the street the other day, was having a rough day, and finally got some human connection they’ve been thirsty for. You must admit, that the soap that you bought from the store last month, had been touched by dozens of people in the process of it’s making, each being paid for their service, each supported by that income. Think of the tip that you left the other day, that the server could then use to pay for their own impactful purchases. Where is your dollar now?

Artwork by Cutiepie Companie. Click the image to go to their website.
Artwork by Cutiepie Company. Click the image to go to their website.

These are just your daily acts.  Admit that you left that footprint; admit that you connect with people daily; admit that you vote with your dollars; that you support others financially, emotionally, intellectually with your own completely unique perspective that only you have. The more that you take responsibility for your greatness, for your impact, for your vital contributions, the more you can simultaneously step up and live a bigger life founded in worthiness and self-love, and to step outside of yourself further and make each and everything you do with your life be something that you are foundationally committed to.  Get that you matter. Get that you are one in billions, yes, that you are one in a line of others, and you are one completely complex, totally unique, and necessary connection in the infinite tapestry that keeps growing. Consider that you touch everything in countless ways that you cannot even see, that your life reverberates and echos across others’ lives in ways that they cannot express.

Thank you to the algae, that fed the fish that I am eating. Thank you to the miner that pulled the clay from the mountain that became my bowl. Thank you to the woman who brought her dog with her to the coffee shop and brightened my day. Thank you to the receptionist at the veterinarian, who welcomed me so genuinely. Thank you to my readers, who help me keep feeling the need to write authentically and often, and help me process my thoughts and feelings. You matter, so much more than you will ever admit to.

I get to work with an incredible company, whose vision is just this.

Get That You Matter.

“Our mission is to inspire, inform and ignite individuals everywhere to remember who we all really are and to get that we matter so we can make our greatest contributions to the world.”

4 thoughts on “Get That You Matter

  1. Hey – I printed the post because I want to post it in my house. It came up all gobbledy-gook. This isn’t even a Roman alphabet. Maybe some computer code. So can you send me a copy in English? I like the picture you chose, too. I think I forwarded your post to Nancy, but maybe she got gibberish or nothing at all. Bless you for sharing your powerful thoughts. Mom

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