Huzzah!! Photography finally working!

First, some examples of it not working:

I am so delighted!  It’s been somewhat of a secret that I have beautiful etched jars. I’ve been unable to portray them in any way that really shows them accurately, and have spent hours (with my patient friend Katie) frustratingly trying to find the perfect lighting, filling the jars with rice, coffee beans, milk, black coffee, black beans… anything to get the etching to stand out from the jar in a photograph. She and I would spend whole days trying to find the perfect setup, and ended up using windows where the light would just hit the right angle to show one side but not all of the jar (see crazy confusing photos above).

IMG_4020I got a DSLR camera to be able to make it work, then took a fabulous class (by Okello Dunkley) to learn how to make my camera submit to my wishes, and asked for his advice. He suggested that I invest in a lens with a higher aperture to be able to blur out the background.  After a heart to heart with myself (and my finances), I decided to invest in it hoping that it would make a striking difference. For those who know photography, I’ve been using the lens that came with my canon (reaching up to a 3.5 or 4 aperture) and with my new lens I can go up to a 1.8 aperture. I just got it out to give it a try, and I have immediate results!!

Now I feel like I can keep making my artworks since I have the ability to show them (finally). So you can all look forward to a little more clarity (haha, literally) on what I’m offering in my store.

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