Moving Forward with DeCrafts

Nora of "A Little More Good" stopped by and then mentioned me on their website! SQUEE!
Nora of “A Little More Good” stopped by and then mentioned me on their website! SQUEE!

I know– forward is relative to the direction that you’re facing and that’s what’s been the source of some anxiety for me lately.  For the past eight months I’ve been building up Deconstruction Crafts by creating and managing this website, social networks, product designs, production, and selling. On the end of selling, I’ve not been able to pay back what I’ve invested (or anywhere near that) and I’ve been getting worried that what I love to do, might not be sustainable for me financially. I’ve also been meeting some obstacles in my way in terms of being able to represent my items online when they are 1)difficult to photograph well enough to show their charm, and 2) get lost in a haystack of other items, and finally 3) are off the beaten path, and something that most people don’t search for, or don’t know how to search for.

So I recently realized that selling locally (through stores and events) is really the best possible venue for me, but selling wholesale means taking 50% of the sale and giving it to the store, meaning that my prices need to be double what I need to pay for my time and materials, making them less affordable to people who want them.

Brian’s support was invaluable for helping me debut at the Urban Air Market. I am so blessed!

Altogether, my final solution was what most lit me up inside: showing at fairs. As I expressed in this post, attending a fair felt like the best possible option for me, as well as the last. I cross my fingers and eyes, and dove in for the full affect.

I came out with several new items and worked my butt off to have enough inventory to grace the scene. I’m working to put everything up in my online store, but so far I have my new items: Wheatgrass in a jar, the Ecojarz lid attachment, and the sprouting screen attachment.  Soon I’ll have my jar organizer sets, alternative sprout options to the sprouting kits, bulk-buying DIY jar kits, and chalk carrying tins (I’m working on it, check back on my store soon).

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The Urban Air Market was beautiful, bustling, and super fun! As I talked about before, my sole real goal was to have fun. I knew that if I had fun with creating and managing a booth at a fair, that this might be the way to move forward. I went into it knowing that my investment into the booth (canopy, displays, tables, booth fee…) would likely not be made back on my first try and especially when I was just starting out and learning…. but then I did. I had a total blast, and rarely got to even sit down because there was always someone interested in what I had to offer! I’m super pleased with how it all turned out, and not only did I have lots of fun, talk myself horse about everything that I’m passionate about, meet lots of other passionate and interesting people, but I also made back everything that I invested into that booth and paid for my materials!

I’m shocked, blessed, and super excited that what had become my final option became the most fun and  financially stable option! I’m excited to move forward with continuing to have items for sale online, and to approach more stores, but to create events and fairs as my primary venue for selling. If you know of any great events or fairs that you think would fit what I offer, let me know through commenting below, or send me an email. I’m on the lookout. Meanwhile, at the very least, you’ll see me again September 15th for the Fall Urban Air Market (see all of my upcoming events here and on facebook here).

4 thoughts on “Moving Forward with DeCrafts

  1. I’ve found that selling what you love is a combination of every opportunity: fairs, online, marketing, shops, art shows, word of mouth … I never know when an exposure leads to someone finding what they want. Exhausting but rewarding.

    1. That’s definitely where I’m headed; thank you for the affirmation on that. Most definitely exhausting but rewarding. I had such fun with this fair, but I know that it’s not something that I can afford to do every weekend. 😛

  2. I’m sorry – you must think I’m so dense, but I read this … “If you know of any great events or fairs that you think would fit what I offer, let me know through commenting below, or send me an email” … and I don’t see how/where to email you. I’m sure it’s obvious as heck, but I just keep wandering around the blog reading new stuff.
    One place you might check out is ZAPP, or which lists hundreds of art shows and festivals, and you can view by date, or geographic area. Most have a description, so you know if you’ll fit in (Vintage Nautical Memorabilia, not so much), or not.
    Hit me up if you have any questions. (You can email me through “contact us” on my website.) Maybe there’s a way to do through WordPress accounts, but beats me!

    1. OH YOU ROCK!!! Thank you so much! I didn’t know that that existed (and it’s super duper useful). Looks like I didn’t write out my email address (funny enough). It’s deconstructioncrafts ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com
      Thanks again!

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