May 5th is my Debut at the Urban Air Market in SF

In just a couple of weeks I’ll be holding my first booth for a craft fair. I’m thrilled, and anxious about it since I’ve internally put a lot of pressure on myself for it, declaring that how that show goes will determine what direction I go with Deconstruction Crafts. I’ve found that selling online hasn’t been something that I’m really passionate about. To make a truly sustainable (down to the last detail) item, and then wrap it up in lots of disposable packaging to mail across the country doesn’t feel right to me. I’m happy to keep my online store up for people who want my items, but promoting online and depending on web sales isn’t what I’m up for. Alternatively, working with people locally and promoting shopping local and meeting people face to face to talk about sustainability practices and possibilities is exactly what I’m committed to and passion about. Getting everything together that I need to create a booth has been a big investment, and I’m excited to see if this is the way to go.

If you really knew me, you’d know that I have four strong passions:

  1. Handmade goods (colliding art, self expression, community, sustainability, and necessary/useful items)
  2. Subversion (both being subversive through how I be and through actions promoting change)
  3. Internal reflection & inward looking transformation (how can I take responsibility & get rid of internalized obstacles that I’ve made for myself and others)
  4. Event planning (hosting special events that educate and connect people)

So all together, I’ve found that running or participating in a craft fair is probably on the top of my list of “dream jobs”.  I’m excited to put it all together and debut at the Urban Air Market on May 5th in San Francisco on Octavia & Hayes, and also sort of anxious about it since I’ve decided that this might be it. I feel like this is a blind date with someone that I’ve been told could be my life partner. Okay, so I’m also a tad dramatic. You get the idea.

So with all that, I thoroughly would love to see you there! The Urban Air Market is a medium sized fair that specializes in sustainability, and especially sustainable fashion. Come and see the crazy project that is my craft booth. I’ve been over-thinking the design, and I expect it to be quite smashing.  I have several new products, including a “build your own jar” station where you can mix and match all of my items, bringing in the fabulous stainless steel sippy-cup lid for jars, and an all new DIY wheatgrass growing kit in a jar!  There will also be lots of my favorite shops, including team members from SFetsy. Represent! Come visit me and support local artists committed to sustainability; I’d love to see you!

Sunday, May 5th


at Octavia & Hayes

(I’ll be on Octavia at Linden on the West side of the green)

free to attend

5 thoughts on “May 5th is my Debut at the Urban Air Market in SF

  1. How exciting. Looking forward to the post where you tell us everything you learned about being in a craft fair. Let me wish you no rain, no big wind and only a few afternoon clouds to soften any heat. You know the drill: Comfortable shoes, lots of water and snacks. Be prepared to talk and talk and talk …

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