Making a pixelated pillow (for the Netrunner Android obsessed)

Brian is positively obsessed with this deck-building game. If you really knew me, you’d know that I am living with a pure-blooded game enthusiast. Granted, the new Netrunner Android game is expertly designed, and is an easy bug to catch as a new “data pack” or expansion set of cards is released monthly, and there’s already countless ways to customize and alter your gameplay. This isn’t your Shoots and Ladders folks. This game is complex, alluring, and unique. Hear what Brian has to say about it here.

Anyways, for our 9-year anniversary I decided to craft up something that paid homage to his new love, and that was a useful object that he needed (with materials that I already had on hand). Well, the ergonomic pillow needed for his computer chair seemed like the right fit, and I already had the stuffing and fabric, so I designed out a “link strength” symbol in pixelated form and designed up a pillow with Netrunner pizzaz.  So, if you are interested in making a pixelated image via quilting (or… a “link strength” quilt!), here’s some instructions on how I did it:

For the image on the back, I took a photo of the back of a card, then used printable fabric on my laserjet printer, cut it out, then appliqued it on. That was actually the easiest part. Next I think that I’ll make a life-size pillow replica of our cat Baxter.

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