Letting down the walls and inviting stronger community.

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This week I encourage you to be courageously transparent.  Consider that we create walls surrounding our authentic selves in fear of not being loved.  I’m beginning to notice that most of us are so caught up in ourselves, trying to conceal parts of ourselves in fear of not being loved or being hurt that we don’t look up to see others.

Because we are so tightened up within our walls, we aren’t truly connecting with each other. The people that we are vulnerable with are those that we have the deepest bond with. Imagine the strength of a chain when just two links are interlocked and the rest are separated? Imagine where everyone is protected, and no one knows each other beyond a surface level.

Today’s treasury shows some of the imagery that comes to mind when I think of these layers of walls, these varied forms of relationships:

See my full 16 piece treasury here  |   See all of my treasuries here

Sometimes I protect myself so much that I never open my eyes to see that there are millions feeling the same way.  What will it take for us to be loved?  Be ourselves and let down those walls!  This week I invite you to open up to your truest self, whatever that means to you. If there is something that you are hiding in fear of judgment, then you are not giving others the opportunity to love all of you, to love you to the core.  I invite you to crack your castle walls and lower your defenses to be seen for who you truly are.  Maybe this means thinning a mask of makeup for a day.  Maybe this means expressing when you are hurt.  Maybe, just maybe, it means telling someone that you love them.  How funny we are in our aim to be loved and yet withhold loving.  It’s up to us to break the cycle.  My invitation to you is to lower your walls and connect more deeply with those around you.  Imagine a community of people truly knowing each other and having such a safe container to love each other in.  Know that the only thing at stake in speaking up is your ego.  Remember that you are loved, that you are powerful, that you are perfect.  Thank you for who you are, and for who you aren’t.

Cheyenne (Chy)

Diagram Artist, Feminist, Atheist, Love Activist

Learn more about my vision on taking action here.

Artwork above by badDumpster

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