10 Thoughtful but last minute & inexpensive DIY gift ideas

We’re coming down to the wire for gift making, and my budget is still tight, so I’m finding those gifts for last-minute crafting for the remaining people. Below are some of my favorites, enjoy!

The DIY Mommy shares how to make an infinity scarf in just 15 minutes!
Jennifer of A Merry Mishap Blog shows you what a porcelain pen and some plane bakeware can become.
Leave it to Apartment Therapy to share how to make these *lightweight* planters using a milk box!
The Creative Mamma knows how to spice up a gift card, here’s a thrill of a gift presentation!
A Pretty Cool Life’s tin refrigerator storage. In my opinion, not completely giftable as is, I suggest planting a little succulent in it to make it a full on gift, or filling it with something.
Carolyn’s Homework shares this recipe for making a yarn bowl!

Crystal Shea’s super cute video of how to transfer a photo on wood. Source here.

Martha Stewart’s no-slip slippers
Design Mom has this cute tutorial up on making snowglobes with photos!
Yellow Brick Home’s pet pillows are fantastic ideas for the pet lover!


Nut Milk and Sprouting Kit icon

And might I add that getting someone a kit, or putting together a DIY kit is a super rad thing to do too! Shameless self promotion: if you haven’t already, check out my DIY sprouting & nutmilk kit!

As of yesterday I can officially say “available in stores” since I have them for sale at Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley.

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