Picking up speed in product design, testing, and development

I’ve been in a whirlwind of progress lately! I’ve been testing out new labeling methods with my jars so that they remain plastic-free, leave behind limited waste, can be easily customizable (for writing unique tare weights on each jar), and are dishwasher safe. I felt like I hit a wall when I couldn’t find a truly sustainable label for the bottoms of the jars that could also be dishwasher safe. By using paints, and using some custom made stamps, I’m not only creating a label that’s customizable to each jar that has far less waste in paper, plastic, and production, but they look amazing too! I’m having fun designing the perfect layout and testing their staying power.Trying a new low-waste label concept

I’ve also been working on a new method to ensure that my chalkboard paint for the tops of the jars can weather heavy washing.  I’m testing on all ends to ensure that these really are the heirloom jar products that I want them to be. Ensuring that these jars are not easily disposable and stay looking great is at the heart of the whole concept of these beauties.

And finally, I’ve been developing a new Do It Yourself kit, which I can make and post more quickly than my art jars. I’m making my own sprouting screens and nut milk bags, and including lentil sprout seeds and almonds to start. I’m still in early development and full of ideas for making this super user friendly and with the most limited waste, and highest re-usability. Coming soon to my Etsy store.

What do you think?  Does it hold water?

High quality metaphors brought to you by Cheyenne.

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