Building a throne for my toothbrush… or how I outsmarted my inner teenager

Every time I go to the dentist I hear the same dark warning that I need to take better care of my gums.  Specifically, I need to floss more.  Gross.  I don’t know what it is, but flossing daily has always sounded worse to me than dentures.  Flossing has as much allure to me as licking a chalkboard.

Well, maybe it is the consistent forwarding of time, or hearing dental horror stories of those around me… but for some reason I really took this warning to heart this time.  I finally admit that I am not exempt from dental emergencies and I know that my not complying with these warnings only adds up over time and I am only getting older.  So I made some major investments (for me).  I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and invested in a toothbrush that was smarter than me.  This machine self times itself and counts the regions of my mouth.  It instructs me when I’m brushing too hard, and not enough. It’s kind of ridiculous, and looking back, probably too much… but it helps me remember to submit and stop resisting what’s necessary for my health.

I’ve always hated the look of electric toothbrushes, and now it’s this big bulky thing that has no place to sit in our tiny one-person-at-a-time bathroom, much less a place by the outlet.  I resented it for a few days, as something that dominated the bathroom, destroyed my decor, and then of course also told me when I was brushing incorrectly.

So I decided to build it a throne.  It and the floss could hang out together, and perhaps I could make it work for me aesthetically and outsmart my disinterest in the routine.

I found this cabinet at the salvage yard and cleaned it, painted it, and decorated it.  It turned out being the perfect home for all of my dental items.  I’ve been brushing my teeth 2 minutes every day, and me and floss are finally getting to know each other.

Although my reasoning for liking and disliking things can be superficial, ignoring them wasn’t helping me make changes I’m committed to.  Perhaps I need to add lots of honey to my green tea if I want to switch from my coffee and cream habit. Perhaps I need to make my bike super beautiful in order for me to consider riding it. Instead of trying to downplay my preferences and power through into new practices… I’m trying out listening to my preferences, and making it work for all of us (myself, my ego, and my inner teenager). This is helping me follow through with my intentions, and embracing every part of myself (no matter how much a roll my eyes at it).

5 thoughts on “Building a throne for my toothbrush… or how I outsmarted my inner teenager

  1. This is a great idea! Believe me I am on the same boat! Trying to be good & healthy! Decorating works! I am so scared of getting anything else done on my teeth that I have not as of yet missed a day of flossing! I’m determined to do it, even if i am exhausted! –On another note I was just in Berkeley for the first time ever in August! I loved it there! Mom & Pop shops, & everything so unique & crafty! Almost got a tank top saying “Got Fixed! Berkeley” with a bicycle on it. I regret not buying it. Just the fact of wearing the shirt would help my motivation for riding my bike more. I finally got my bike fixed, so one of these days I’ll start riding again. 😀 –Greetings from Orlando, FL.

    1. Waytago with taking on your health and flossing regularly! I know that it’s a major weak spot for me. Making what’s normally unapproachable inviting through some special touches is working for me so far.
      I love it in Berkeley! Every little nook & cranny in the U.S. has such a wonderful flare. I haven’t been to Orlando since I was a kid, and I only remember my whining about the humidity. I need to give it another try. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Good luck! 🙂 Yeah the weather was pretty amazing in Berkeley & I wish I had more time to shop though! At least I was able to get a few nifty handmade items. Over here is moody all the time, but the fall is always nice. Never super cold, and still can wear boots & scarfs. Yeah, you should definitely give Orlando another try :]

    1. Awesome! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out where you can find those little handmade jewels from all over, or location search for just what’s local to you. I’m sure that there are lots of beautiful things in Orlando that I wish I could get my hands on 😉
      One of these days I plan on taking an epic road trip to all of the states I’ve not been to.

      1. Thanks! I have to check it out! I hear great things about

        Orlando has a lot to offer. Central Florida’s antique stores, thrift stores, handmade stores by the beach & littles boutiques. Lots of great places to shop & see.

        Hope you can got to all the states. I do too, so far I’ve been to Chicago, California, Texas, Florida & Georgia. Been wanting to go to New York, we shall see if I can soon. 🙂

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