Living Accordionly

Ah, our annual trek to the Cotati (Calif) Accordion Festival.  I think that this was year five or six for me.  Josh is the enthusiast.  Come to think about it, he’s an enthusiast for many things.

What I’ve always enjoyed about the Accordion Festival has been the diversity of genres that the accordion is present in.  One of the most popular acts this year was Jimenez and Rybak with a Tex-Mex set.  One of my favorites is the super danceable Mad Maggies and Those Darn Accordions for their accordion rock.  There’s a polka tent that plays nothing but polka throughout the two day festival with couples bouncing around in step inside.  The Culann’s Hounds get you dancing with an Irish/Cajun set, and then there’s the classic Dick Contino accordion master.

But let’s be honest, it’s all about the accordion babes:

Don’t miss the amazing spread (ooh!) of accordions in the 2012 calendar here.

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