A Damn Fine Festival

Twin Peaks Fest was super awesome!  Brian and I went to North Bend, WA for the annual Celebration/reunion of Twin Peaks fans where there were games, art, food, celebrities, and collective understanding that Twin Peaks is something special. This year is the 20th annual festival, and the 20th anniversary of Fire Walk With Me coming out.

Needless to say, even as newbies to the festival, we had an excellent time.  Before we went I read testimonies from festival goers and learned that the majority of attendees are returning year after year, many haven’t missed a festival for ten plus years! I didn’t really understand it until I was there.  I figured that once would be enough.  I mean, how many times do you see the filming sites, meet the celebs, and play the same Twin Peaks games before you admit that there’s nothing else to really see?

Now that I’ve gone, I get it.  There’s a certain comradeship within the cult fan following of Twin Peaks.  The show itself ignites a unique part of myself, and when fans are together there’s a collective geeking out that satisfies that restless piece.  To be more simple, we have something in common… and it’s really really strange.  The festival is great for newbies, for the sparkle and the brilliance of the filming sites, celebrities, and memorabilia.  Next time, I’ll be there for that… but mostly for the atmosphere that attracted Mark Frost and David Lynch to that little town in the first place… for the people that the town and festival attract.

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