Shut your eyes and you’ll burst into flames

My dear friend Josh introduced me to the wonder of Twin Peaks perhaps 9 years ago.  Ever since I’ve been infatuated with the complex tangle of fear, humor, beauty, and emotional turmoil that seems to hit parts of my brain that no other bit of entertainment has ever reached. David Lynch has an incredible way playing with distortion in such a way that I have a near physical reaction to totally non-threatening scenes.  Thanks to this show I am terrified of hanging street lights and wind through forest trees.  Thanks to this show I find taxidermy humorous, brie sandwiches nostalgic, and fire to be symbolically powerful gateways to dark dimensions.  I can’t hear the word “meanwhile” without getting the shivers, and I can’t eat a slice of cherry pie without a cup of coffee.  For a show that so hits my nerves, I’ve sort of become obsessed.  My partner Brian and I both love Twin Peaks, and are on our way to the 20th annual Twin Peaks Fest this Friday in North Bend, WA… so my Twin Peaks geekiness is coming to full throttle right about now.  I’m working on a Black Lodge Dress, inspired by Rustycuts‘ dress below, and making little blue roses to hand out to fellow fans.  I am thrilled!

Pictures of our trip sure to come.  Stay tuned 😉

*spoiler alert:  If you’ve not seen the show, I recommend that you don’t search it online.  There’s several very telling images that will really ruin the ending of the show.  I mean it, I made that mistake.

So here’s a little taste of the show via Etsy crafters.  See the full 16 piece series here

Check out my other Treasuries here

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