The perfection of this very moment

"Inner Space" by Selfesh on Etsy

Consider for a minute that you are merely an organism on this planet. You are the result of every effect following another effect so far back that we cannot make out the fuzzy long distance image of what an original cause might have been. This moment you are experiencing right now is exactly what needs to happen and is what creates the moment you are experiencing now just seconds later. Imagine that there are countless timelines all moving forward and intersecting each other, with every person, every animal, every molecule experiencing a varied experience of the very same shared moment in history.

Life is so beautiful because of it’s diversity/difference and rich lush landscapes with one complex harmony of structures meeting another. The intricate network of nutrients in transit in the structure of a leaf sits against the cold lifeless concrete that’s been from the soil, to the factory, to the truck, laid down by a worker and has now seen thousands of these leaves live and die against it. When I slow down and think about the complexity of every object, every being, every aspect of my daily experience, I find that not only is the world inherently forever in motion and constantly changing but that each and every state of every thing is perfect.

When I read the news and worry about the violence, the destruction, and the oppression around the world I of course get caught up and feel like everything is going in the wrong direction, and that these problems must be fixed or changed. When I shift my attention to how everything in this moment (the Syrian government official ordering an attack on the citizens, the homeless woman being arrested for sleeping on the sidewalk, the plastic bag wrapped around the neck of a turtle) is just as it needs to be for the next moment. Maybe this attack on the Syrian civilians wakes up the people needed to be able to overthrow those officials from power. Maybe the homeless woman’s imprisonment is the beginning of a powerful court case that calls out the city’s policies on criminalization of the homeless. Maybe the turtle’s death provides food for an otherwise starving crustacean on the ocean floor.

All that I am saying, is that every moment is leading into the next, and we are all only getting more and more refined. Now, one might argue that things are worse in which way or another. I would say that in that case, that perhaps there is something more meta that is happening, say- the destruction of this planet, is what allows for the next solar system to be born, or what have you.

What I am not saying- is that it doesn’t matter then. It matters more than ever. It matters that you live your life in the most intentional way. For every small thing that you do leads into the next. Every fleeting moment is the gateway into the next, and you are affecting every molecule that surrounds you, every person that you meet, every object that you create in the world, every idea that you speak into others’ imaginations. It matters more than ever that you are continuously creating the world that you want to live in. Everything about you ripples out into the world. Now, say that perhaps your terminal diagnosis is the catalyst needed for you to take care of your health and take on your life’s mission. Maybe your leadership is what inspires a social justice movement to take flight. Maybe your kind words of encouragement send a young person into living their dreams.

Who knows, you might be creating what is to be the new sun.


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