Dressing up the pot it came in

Ah, the joys of renting.  We moved into our little one bedroom apartment with a deep soothing blue bathroom and I loved decorating it with complimentary colors to bring out the warmth in it’s shade.  But alas, our little bathroom needed a new paint job because the walls weren’t protected from the damp buildup of the shower with it’s matte finish.  To protect the walls, the landlord had it painted, which was marvelous- but we didn’t get to choose the shade.  So our once little blue bathroom full of unique colors, is now a brilliantly light white room and I’ve been trying to introduce colors ever since.

Step one for me, is to pack in the plants!  Here’s a hanging plant that I picked up and didn’t want to get another planter for, but couldn’t stand to put in another white fixture in the room.  Below are step by steps for how to brighten up and uniquify (yes, that’s right) a store-bought planter.

You will need:

  1. Spray paint of your choice (I chose gold, which I already had)
  2. Pretty yarn or string (I had this red fancy yarn that my mom gave me the remnants of)
  3. Hot glue gun & glue
  4. One chopstick, or a broken pen
  5. Drop cloth or newspapers for protection against the spray paint

Note:  I don’t see much of a point to making this if you need to go buy a planter, go buy yarn or string, don’t have a glue-gun, and need to buy the paint.  At that point, find another tutorial for “make a planter out of ___(things you have)____”.

Step 1:  Take the plant out of the planter and spray paint the exterior and at least the inner lip of the planter.

Step 2: After the paint is fully dry, dab some hot glue in the most center of the bottom of the pot on the bottom and use your chopstick or broken pen to push the end of your string/yarn into the glue .

Step 3: With the put upside down between your legs to keep it still, run thin streams of the glue in a tight circle around the middle and then work quickly to push the string around itself in a spiral on the glue.  Try your best not to get your chopstick in the glue or it will start to pull glue strings up, which are unsightly and wasteful.

Step 4: Make sure to keep glue out of the hole(s) of the pot to allow drainage.  Keep spiraling the string in the glue tightly around itself until you’ve made your way up the sides of the pot.  Coming up around the edge of the planter was the trickiest for me because I didn’t start truly in the center of the pot and at times had the string already up on the side at one edge, and then still on the bottom as it reared around to the other side.  I recommend that you get your starting point as close to center as possible, and then just keep with the rule that you always keep the lines of string touching so that the pot doesn’t show through.

Step 5: Eventually (it does take some time, depending on how thick your yarn is), you’ll come to where you want to stop (perhaps 1/4 up the side of the pot, or 1/2 way through the pot’s side).  To end, make your last layer of string have the least amount of glue so that it doesn’t show up like a muffin top out of the top layer of string.  Tuck the end of your yarn into the bottom layer with a final tiny dab of glue.

Step 6: Hang it up and call everyone you know over to have a party so that they can see it.

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