Top Reasons to shop Thrift

  1. Unique, one of a kind items
  2. It’s a treasure hunt.  Suddenly the act of shopping is more of a game and never a given.
  3. It’s a treasure hunt.  No, seriously- a year ago I bought a $1.50 picture frame and found $500 in cash stashed in the back!
  4. It’s a treasure hunt.  Third reminder’s a charm. Sometimes you find something that was so loved, so full of history and character.  I have items that have been customized from the last user.  It’s so fun to think of the life the item has had.
  5. You aren’t buying something manufactured just for your shopping addiction.  No new materials were harmed in the making of your outfit/home.
  6. You aren’t supporting mass produced, factory made item producing companies.
  7. You aren’t supporting outsourced third world production or slave labor.
  8. You’re one step above recycling (re-using) as there was no new high-energy/high-chemicalized re-processing of the item.  It just has a new life.
  9. Odds are, that for every $ that you spend on something at a thrift store is for an item with more quality/integrity than something new you’d buy for that same dollar.  For example, a $10 chair at a thrift store is a pretty good chair.  A $10 chair at a cheap store (like the dollar store or wallmart) is going to break real soon.
  10. Oh yeah, and you will probably save money.
  11. Your creative and conscious mind is all revved up.  “What the heck is this thing?” or “This one is broken, but I can wear it like a hat” or “I wonder if this blender top will fit with this blender bottom and work” or “This table doesn’t have a middle to it.  F#%k it, I’m gonna weave a middle into it with string”
  12. You (most likely) are supporting a smaller local business (perhaps a church, perhaps a mega store like Goodwill or Salvation Army).  Eh, they do better than most of the bigger business I know.  Although Salvation Army is homophobic- so stay clear if you can.
  13. The cycle of life continues:  I’ve given away and bought back all sorts of things.  The existence of thrift stores ignite in me a continuous movement of my things.  I know that my favorite pillow will probably be picked up by someone else who will enjoy it, so I don’t get as attached to keeping items.  A revolving door for stuff creates interesting combinations and renewed life to my home.
  14. No copy cats to your style.  It’s going to be pretty hard for anyone to duplicate what you’ve got going on.

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