The intention of Deconstruction Crafts


I am excited to announce the creation of this super fantastic site for which I have the dream of being a resource for all who are interested in having a deepened relationship to their everyday lives.  I see this website as being a combination of 73% feminist, 25% hilarious, 41% thoughtful inner-reflectiveness, 82% paradigm flipping, 76% crafting, 90 of those percents being homesteading and sustainability minded crafts, 68% network creating and community driving, and 3% mistakes.  There might be some overlapping.

If I were to write a mission statement for this site, it might say something like this:

This site, if I choose to decide it shall from hereon out be named that of Deconstruction Crafts.  Heir to the throne of Queen Readymade Magazine in the realm of inner exploration in the name of Gender Trouble. Whereas crafting is art meets empowerment, and DIY is necessary for any revolution, this blog shall therefor be the answer to the age old needs such as “how to make band-aides work for more skin tones”, “how to make a picket sign holder for a wheelchair”, and “how to keep your beard out of your lipstick”.  Furthermore, to the pleasure of the public, this blog promises to support the uprising of the fiercely corporate dependent, harass the ego, and supply a bombdigitty vegan casserole dish that will wow all potluck persons. The columns of triumph in this said organization of fantasticness will be that of responsibility, movement, beauty, transgression, and creation.  Whereas the modern structures of social hierarchy, environmental destruction, and widespread victimhood seem unshakable– the power of creativity can take them apart piece by piece to deconstruct and yet create in the very same moment.  We the people believe that crafting can truly create something.

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